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fuck this.
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if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all
Yes, fuck it... hard, fast, drunk, clumsy and sloppy.. break your brain on it.

Just don't expect me to put it back together...
yes fuck it ....fuck everything.......but most of all fuck everyone you can!!!!


January 28 2004, 10:51:37 UTC 13 years ago

Yeah fuck all you people!!
fuck fucking this!


September 2 2004, 02:07:23 UTC 12 years ago

Yeah, and maybe this person (, too.
fuck what?
Christ... I hope the day never comes in which my LJ deteriorates to posts like this one

bah... back to masturbating
what will I fuck next?


June 12 2004, 04:30:32 UTC 13 years ago

things aren't all bad.. so go fuck around here ya fuckers:
Hi I have a new community for people who just need to rage and rant. If you are interested in joining, the community name is Firey_Rages thanx.


November 1 2004, 13:30:31 UTC 12 years ago

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you suck dick
i like boobs
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boobs + beer = good
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April 19 2005, 23:33:47 UTC 12 years ago

Wow you guys really do suck!
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The community is created!
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